Lucerne Regatta

The Lucerne Regatta Association was established 1903. Since then the Lucerne Regatta Association organises Regattas in Lucerne, which since 1933 are taking place on the Lake Rotsee. Therefore the Lucerne Regatta Association and Lucerne Regatta are writing sport- and rowing history for more than 100 years. 1962 the Lake Rotsee was the venue of the first Rowing World Championship ever and three editions of this event followed 1974, 1982 and 2001. In addition to that four Rowing European Championships took place in Lucerne and the annual Swiss Championships are also hosted on the Lake Rotsee.

The Association ‘Naturarena Rotsee’ was established 2010, to offer the high class rowing sport in Lucerne a glorious future. Its goal was, with the budget of CHF 16 million, to modernise the rowing infrastructure – in accordance with the unique natural and recreational area. After some elements have already been successfully put into operation, by May 2016 all work will be completed. On this new basis the Lucerne Regatta Association can guarantee a first-class rowing infrastructure in the middle of the recreation and nature reserve Lake Rotsee.


The Organising Committee comprises of former top athletes, passionated rowers and rowing enthusiasts. We’re putting in a lot of effort and enthusiasm to offer you an unforgettable event!

Wall of Fame


Georges Bucher, Ebikon †
Hermann Heller, Luzern †
Rolf Hunkeler, Buchrain
Urs Hunkeler, Luzern
Rudolf Studhalter, Luzern


Hansruedi Bolliger, Kriens
Jörg Bucher, Luzern †
Urs Frankhauser, Hergiswil NW
Petra Fleischanderl, Luzern
Peter R. Gloor, Kriens
Urs Graber, Meggen
Thomas Gübelin, Luzern
Urs Hess, Adligenswil
Marc Hurter, Luzern †
René W. Isenschmid, Luzern
Seppi Jurt, Hildisrieden
Hans Kalt, Zug †
Josef Kalt, Zug
Urs Kauffmann, Luzern †
Kurt Lustenberger, Luzern
Peter W. Ottiger, Luzern
Bernhard L. Raeber, Luzern
Christoph Sapper, Rothenburg
Heinz Schaller, Sursee
Rolf Schurter, Luzern – St. Niklausen †


They show an extraordinary commitment to the Lucerne Regatta for many years. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Pia Berger-Vogel, Schenkon
John Boultbee, Cremorne Point
Hans Buhl, Wädenswil
Ferrucio Calegari, Milano
Paul Dätwyler, Bergdietikon
Otto Dietrich-Stich, Wernetshausen
Marc Furrer, Bolligen
Arthur Hächler, Zürich
Claus Hess, Höchberg
Walter Kägi, Rorschacherberg
Werner O. Müller, Zürich
Denis Oswald, Neuchâtel
Hans-Rudolf Schurter, Luzern
Matt Smith, Lausanne
Sepp Steiner, Erstfeld
Fritz Weber, Oberwil


Like the captains, the pirates provide a generous support for the Lucerne Regatta.

René Dittli, Luzern
Karl Ganther, Luzern
Peter Scholler, Bamberg
Franz-Xaver „Xaxi“ Weber, Luzern



You’ll find everything you need to know on this page.
Major sporting competitions like the Lucerne Regatta are only possible with you. Join the team and you’ll see behind the scenes of one of the world’s biggest rowing regattas, and one of Switzerland’s classic events. You don’t have to be a rowing expert. Our volunteers’ backgrounds are as varied as the work on offer – from A for “Athletes’ Service” to Z for “Zielturm”, our brand new finishing tower.

Most of the jobs for younger volunteers (ages 12-16) start with A or B – Athletes and Boats. You might find yourself helping olympic champions on the pontoons, or holding the stern of their boat at the start. But if you’re more the indoor type, don’t worry! There‘s lots to do in the photocopying room, the Regatta Office, Lost&Found or the Mediacenter. Wherever you are, you get food, staff kit and ten francs pocket money per half-day.
Teenagers and adults tend to work in the Mediacenter, Results Service, Ticketing or Catering. Food, kit and an invitation to the annual Volunteers’ Party are your package in return.

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On Saturday evening of the Lucerne Regatta weekend, the Rowing Night takes place at the Hotel Palace. The invited guests and athletes being treated by culinary delightfulness and sonorous music. The highlight of the evening is the award of the Thomas Keller Medal.

The Thomas Keller Medal is the most valuable award in rowing. Its winners are looking back on an extraordinary international rowing career with exemplary fair play.

The Medal consists of 18-carat gold and is named after the former FISA President and Swiss rower Thomas Keller (1924–1989).

Previous winners of the Thomas Keller Medal:

1990: Alf John Hansen (Norway)
1991: Thomas Greiner (Germany)
1994: Juri Pimenow (Russia)
1996: Francesco Esposito (Italy)
1996: Nikolai Pimenov (Russia)
1996: Rolf Thorsen (Norway)
1997: Giuseppe Abbagnale (Italy)
1997: Carmine Abbagnale (Italy)
1997: Jana Sorgers (Germany)
1997: Thomas Lange (Germany)
1998: Kerstin Köppen (Germany)
1998: Roland Baar (Germany)
1999: Silken Laumann (Canada)
1999: Kathleen Heddle (Canada)
2001: Steven Redgrave (UK)
2002: Marnie McBean (Canada)

2003: Peter Antonie (Australia)
2004: Nico Rienks (Netherlands)
2005: Matthew Pinsent (UK)
2006: Agostino Abbagnale (Italy)
2007: Mike McKay (Australia)
2008: Elisabeta Lipă (Romania)
2009: Kathrin Boron (Germany)
2010: James Tomkins (Australia)
2011: Jüri Jaanson (Estonia)
2012: Václav Chalupa (Czech Republic)
2013: Eskild Ebbesen (Denmark)
2014: Drew Ginn (Australia)
2015: Iztok Čop (Slovenia)
2016: Caroline Evers-Swindell / Georgina Evers-Swindell (New Zealand)