General Information

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Access to Rotsee and Boathouse Area
There will be open access to the lake and the boathouse area.

Course opening
The official opening of the course is on Wednesday, 6 July 2022 at 08.00 am.
Training prior to the official venue opening is possible, but it is at the full responsiblitiy of the team and not earlier than on Tuesday 7 July 2022 from 08.00 am (due to Swiss Championships until 3 July 2022 and WRC construction on 4 July 2022). Also no trailers are allowed to park before Tuesday 7 July 2022.

Low cost accomodation
See details under Accomodation. Booking deadline 2 June 2022 for «Low cost accomodation »

Low cost meals
See details under Meals arrangements. Booking deadline 24 Juni 2022 for «Low cost meal»

Team Tents / Indoor Space
See details under Team Tents / Indoor Space. Booking deadline 24 Juni 2022

Team Manager Manual


Boat racks

  • Boat spaces on the Boat racks will be allocated by OC.
  • We will provide a list of the Boat allocation  the entry deadline.


Teams are allowed to bring their own tents.

Please use the order form below and indicate correct size of the tent. Electricity will be delivered through the OC at costs of CHF 120 (220V Swiss plug).

In addition, limited space for small teams can be granted on a first come first save basis in the athlete’s rest area. Electricity indoor can be delivered through the OC at costs of CHF 80 (220V Swiss plug)

Please email us your request using the form attached by 24 June 2022 to



Boat Trailers

  • Boat trailers may not arrive before Tuesday 5 July 8am
  • Boat trailers must be unloaded as soon as they arrive, and the boats have to be placed on the boat racks.
  • Boat trailers must leave the boat park immediately after unloading and be parked in Ebikon „Do-it-yourself-Parking“. Maps will be available with the Team Manager Manual closer to the event.

  • Map to Trailer park




Sars cov 2




Lucerne offers all its visitors a huge selection of hotels in every price range

Low-cost accommodation

Accommodation Youth Hostel Lucerne

We are able to offer a limited number of beds in low-cost bed & breakfast accommodation at the Youth Hostel, near the finish area (see attached application form). The accommodation will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

Beds and rooms that have been booked but have not been fully used will be charged.

Closing date for applications: Thursday, 2 June 2022.

Order and cleaning

The Team Manager/Coach is responsible for keeping the accommodation in proper condition and returning room key/cards at the reception. Missing cards will have to be charged to the team. It is strictly forbidden to prepare meals or to change any electrical and/or sanitary installations. All costs which result from damage or degragation have to be paid by the user. The OC will not be held liable.

Number of beds: Limited


We are able to offer you healthy menus at the Athlete Catering. The Athlete Catering is located in the Regatta Centre first floor at the boathouse area. Meal vouchers can be purchased from the regatta office. Please order your meal vouchers in advance..

The price per meal voucher is CHF 19.00 for lunch or dinner.

If you purchase your meal vouchers at the regatta office counter during the event, the price per voucher will be CHF 24.00 for lunch or dinner if not pre-booked. Euros will be accepted at an exchange rate of 1 :1 to the Swiss Franc.

Please order your meals by 24 June 2022 with the enclosed meal request form, to be sent to .

If you feel uncertain about Covid-19 measurements, please organize your meals with your accommodation.