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After two successful test races during the LUCERNE REGATTA 2023, two regattas with all para-rowing categories will be held in Lucerne in 2024. In addition to the final qualification regatta for the Olympic Games, the last quota places for the Paralympic Games will also be allocated on the Rotsee. The subsequent World Rowing Cup will also feature all para-rowing categories.

Successful test races at the LUCERNE REGATTA 2023
The test races in the PR1 M1x and PR1 W1x categories at the LUCERNE REGATTA 2023 were very successful. Important insights into the infrastructure were gained, and above all, the new Para team within the organizing committee together with numerous motivated volunteers gained valuable first experiences in hosting para-rowing events. Particularly gratifying was the enthusiasm of the athletes who had traveled from all over the world to Lucerne and are already looking forward to the next races in Lucerne.

Made possible thanks to the support of key partners
With over 120 years of experience in organizing rowing regattas, the organizing committee (OC) has already overcome numerous challenges. However, the introduction of para-rowing opens up an entirely new chapter. In this regard, the expertise and support of various partner organizations are of great importance. Suva, in particular, our integration partner, is providing long-term support for the project. Suva has been involved as an integration partner in para-sports for many years. The aim of their commitment is to provide people who have suffered accidents with the opportunity to participate as para-athletes in competitions in Switzerland. Sports promotes reintegration into society, and at the same time, the athletes serve as important role models.

Contribution of the Lucerne Regatta to the promotion of Para rowing in Switzerland
As the organizer, the LUCERNE REGATTA Association aims to contribute to a more inclusive society that goes beyond the LUCERNE REGATTA itself. Para rowing in Switzerland is still in its early stages. Therefore, the Lucerne Regatta, in collaboration with the Swiss Rowing Federation (SWISS ROWING), is committed to promoting para-rowing in grassroots and youth sports as well.

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The official webpage of World Rowing contains many helpful information about para-rowing, the different categories and the history of the sport.

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Integration Partner