pascal Allgemein

(May 17, 2021) The annual international rowing regatta on Lake Rotee is a meeting point for the international rowing elite and also puts the spotlight on Swiss competitive rowing. Through the commitment of SWISS ROWING as host federation of the LUCERNE REGATTA, these synergies are to be strengthened.
The organizers of the LUCERNE REGATTA and the Swiss Rowing Federation SWISS ROWING have entered into a marketing cooperation for the years 2021 to 2024 and thus want to formalize and strengthen the existing cooperation. SWISS ROWING is now the official host federation of LUCERNE REGATTA and will appear under this title at the regatta on Lake Rot. At the same time, the federation will provide financial support and additional services as part of the partnership. This is intended to strengthen and expand the international regatta as a meeting place for international and Swiss rowing.

“With our commitment as host federation, we do justice to the importance of the LUCERNE REGATTA and at the same time set an example for the Swiss rowing sport,” Sabine Horvath, vice president of SWISS ROWING, explains the cooperation. This commitment also serves the LUCERNE REGATTA, especially since it also involves benefits in favor of the regatta organizers. “We are pleased about the commitment of the rowing federation as host federation and the realization of a SWISS ROWING lounge on the grandstand,” Andy Bucher, president of LUCERNE REGATTA, is also pleased. However, due to the strict Covid 19 measures, the cooperation will not yet be fully effective this year, especially as there will be no spectator area and thus no SWISS ROWING Lounge can be realized. The two parties are therefore counting on an increased visual presence of the Host Federation at this year’s regatta from May 21 to 23, 2021.

Further information:
Christian Stofer, Director SWISS ROWING, Mobile 079 407 91 67,
Andreas Bucher, LUCERNE REGATTA, Mobile 079 608 67 43,