Final Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne

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The Lucerne Regatta, with its 120-year history, is set to make a historic addition this year. For the first time ever, Para-athletes will compete on the iconic Rotsee. This milestone marks a significant step towards inclusivity and equal opportunities within the sport. As announced by World Rowing today, in May 2024, both the final spots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris will be awarded at the Rotsee, presenting both a formidable challenge and a tremendous opportunity for Lucerne.

With the combined Olympics and Paralympics qualification regatta in 2024, up to 65 additional boats are expected, necessitating an adapted logistics concept due to limited space and the need to protect the sensitive environment around the Rotsee. The logistical and organizational considerations pose significant challenges for the organizing committee. The new director of the LUCERNE REGATTA comments: “Thankfully, the entire team is highly motivated to see this through and is working hard to solve the numerous challenges we are facing.”

To ensure optimal preparation for the 2024 qualification regatta, two Para-category races will be conducted as part of this year’s World Rowing Cup III Regatta in July. This serves as a test for the new Para concept, allowing valuable insights and collaborative optimization with athletes for 2024. The proof of concept event and the 2024 qualification regatta are part of the Lucerne Regatta’s gradual inclusion strategy for Para competitions on the Rotsee.

The Lucerne Regatta emphasizes the importance of support from partner organizations such as the “Schweizer Paraplegiker-Vereinigung”, “PluSport Behindertensport Schweiz”, and Suva, a long-term integration partner in disabled sports. Their expertise and collaboration are invaluable in ensuring the success of a long-term Para-rowing integration at the LUCERNE REGATTA.

Para-rowing beyond the LUCERNE REGATTA

The Lucerne Regatta aims to contribute to a more inclusive society beyond the event itself. With the introduction of Para rowing, the goal is to promote Para rowing in grassroots and youth sports. To this end, a first para-rowing event was held together with SWISS ROWING and other partners, addressing key topics such as safety, equipment, and training sciences. Swiss Rowing Club representatives from across the country attended the event.

Additional information about the introduction of para-rowing in Lucerne can be found in the following press release (released on 02.06.2023): LINK